Jo Ann Syron Designs 
Blue Ice 15" H by 15" W 
Big Pink 17" H by 15" W
Brown Sable 11" H by 20" W by 14" D
True Blue Vessel (sold)
True Blue Grid (Sold)
Spatial Grid 8" H by 23" W
Large Clear irid Flower 13" H by 15" W
Red Sky (New) 15" H by 18" W (sold)
Clear Iridescent Flower 13"high 14"wide 11"deep

Page 4.   Samples of Large Vessels And Vases

Jo Ann creates much larger vessels and vases than most Glass Fusers.  By fusing and draping her large vessels and vases she creates a smooth and flowing effect which begs to be caressed.  Many of  Jo Ann's pieces have a secondary layers to create grid or flower effects, which are unique to her.
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