Jo Ann Syron Designs 
Burnt Orange & Clear Thin Grid !2" H by 12" W
Silver Thin Grid Vase 11"H by 13" W 
Neo-Lavender Shift Garden Vase 14" H by 16" W (Sold)
Red Rose 91/2" H by 12" W (sold)
Blue Caligraphy Vase 10" H by 14" W 
Aqua and Clear Vase 10" H by 12" W
Neo-Lavender & PurpleLattice Vase 
Blue Flower Vase 11" H by 12" W

Page 6.  Samples of  Vase Styles

Jo Ann's vases often stretch the limits of glass fusing.  Many of her vases have secondary glass layers.  Adding glass leaves or glass strips to create floral or grid effects.  On others she uses glass stringers to create a calligraphy effect. In this manner no two vases are alike.
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