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Landscapes and Sea Scapes.
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Jo Ann Syron



I received my degree in Art Education from the University of Oregon in 1985. For the next 18 years I taught at McKenzie and then Elmira High School, in Lane County Oregon.  During my life I have worked in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolors, printmaking, wood and ceramics.  I have brought to glass all of the various medium backgrounds with a strong emphasis on design.


I have devoted myself to the fusing and draping of glass because of the challenge of a medium that constantly produces unique outcomes.   Being self-taught in glass, I have, at times, been unaware of what can and cannot be done with glass and therefore am not limited in my creativity.  While using only heat, time and gravity, I am constantly exploring new venues and am always wondering “What if”. I like to take a material that people normally consider hard, flat, sharp and cold and turn it into something that makes people want to caress and touch the smooth sensual and/or soft looking curves of my pieces. In my free flowing style of sculptures and vases no two pieces are ever exactly alike and the opening of the kiln is much like opening a present on Christmas morning.


In addition to sculptural work I have developed my own style of painting with glass.  Beginning in 2005, I was inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, I started to create impressionistic landscapes/seascapes using only glass and glass frit. With only these elements I created a depth of field that puts the viewer into the scene.  My early pieces also have both visual and at times tactile texture.   Currently my largest project in this style is a nine panel commissioned piece of specific scenes of Oregon. In the fall of 2008 I took my first glass class from Miriam Di Fiore, and have expanded my abilities by incorporating a layering technique to my previous work that adds additional depth.


My work is currently showing at The Glass Menagerie in Corning, New York, Art on the Boulevard in Vancouver Washington, and Oregon, Oceanic Arts in Newport, Oregon, and  New Zone Gallery in Eugene, Oregon,   


 Upcoming Shows:

Art and the Vineyard Eugene Oregon July 2nd, 3rd,and 4th.

2nd Star Festival Aug 5th &6th. Dorris Ranch Springfield Oregon


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